CellBlockEX Propagation Test

February 25, 2018 Judy Thibeau

The following video demonstrates the capabilities of our dry fire suppression system in CellBlock Transportation and Storage Cases, however the technology also applies to our best-in-class cabinet designs. These sturdy units rely on the power of CellBlockEX granulated media to quickly suppress fires and mitigate danger when transporting or storing hazardous products. The second line of defense is the CellBlock’s FCP Technology lining –  fire containment panels that can withstand very high temperatures for extended periods of time.

In this demonstration, Stress Engineering Services Inc. (in collaboration with Underwriters Laboratories) induced a thermal runaway inside a CellBlock FCS Transportation Case using twenty-five lithium-ion 18650 cells. The results were recorded using four separate cameras (one interior and three exterior).

Judy Thibeau

Judy Thibeau serves as VP of Marketing for CellBlock FCS.