How to Wear Your Mask

How to Wear A CellBlock/TT1 Face Mask

Wearing any face mask takes some getting used to and the CellBlock/TT1 Mask is no exception. If it feels a little stuffy, you are probably doing it right.

  1. Make sure the mask covers your nose almost to the bridge (A). There is a moldable nosebar. Press it into shape over the bridge of your nose. This will be very helpful for glasses wearers, as it helps to prevent fogging of your lenses.
  2. Make sure the mask does not gap around your chin. Placing the top elastic near the crown of your head (B) should create a good amount of snugness. If you have along hair, a ponytail will also help with fit.
  3. Keep your mask on! This is important as it prevents contamination of your mask. Excessive handling of your mask increases risk of germ spread.

If you want instructions on how to NOT wear a face mask, this may be a good resource for you: How Not to Wear a Face Mask