Stanley Black & Decker Chooses CellBlock FCS

July 22, 2022 Dovid Jacob

Stanley Black & Decker, helping make the World, chooses CellBlock Cabinets for lithium-ion battery storage and the CellSafe Drum Plug for swift control of a thermal runaway situation.

A leader in tools, fasteners, security and services, for industry, healthcare, aerospace, pipelines, builders and creators, Welcome to the CellBlock family. CellBlock Battery Storage Cabinets are a superior solution for the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries and devices containing them. Our practical, durable cabinets are manufactured from aluminum, and lined with CellBlock’s Fire Containment Panels. CellBlockEX provides both insulation and fire-suppression, to keep your assets and personnel safe from hazardous lithium-ion battery fires.

Pressure relief filters eliminate smoke and fumes

Extreme durability Equipped with heavy-duty locking stability feet Optional interior power strips allow secure charging Enquire about custom sizes and high watt-hour upgrades. The CellBlock Drum Plug Safety System is a simple approach for the safe and rapid mitigation of lithium-ion battery thermal events: Drop the appropriately-sized drum plug into a drum or containment can, covering the battery. In the presence of high heat, CellBlockEX in the plug will disperse to extinguish and cool thermal events and uptake smoke and fumes.