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HMIC 2022

HAZMAT Emergency Responders Conference, 2022 Ft. Lauderdale hosted the premier HAZMAT Emergency Responders Conference, HMIC 2022. CellBlock FCS presented an impressive segment, “Batteries and You: Battery Disposal Education” for the finest minds gathered in the HAZMAT World. We are grateful for this space to disseminate the latest and most effective tools and protocols available, in […]

11 Bays of Safe Micro-Mobility Charging per Shelf

Fire Suppression and Separation are the Standard for Safe Battery Charging Our largest Charge Safe Racks to date boast 11 lithium-ion charging bays per shelf, with passive fire suppression in every bay. Separation, Suppression, and Containment innovation by CellBlock FCS is the new E-mobility standard. Simply Brilliant Deployment of CellBlockEX Each shelf has a gravity […]

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