Safer Charging and Storage Solutions

CellBlock Battery Cabinets

The CellBlock Battery Storage Cabinet for the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries.

The Ultimate Insurance Against Lithium-ion Battery Fires

Store Batteries with Confidence. The dangers of improperly storing lithium-ion batteries have been well-documented over the past decade. Without the right separation, climate, and safety measures in place, storing batteries on-site poses a dormant but potentially expensive and devastating threat to your work environment.

CellBlock Battery Storage Cabinets are a superior solution for the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries and devices containing them. Our practical, durable cabinets are manufactured from aluminum, and lined with CellBlock’s proprietary fire liner. CellBlockEX provides both insulation and fire-suppression, to keep your assets and personnel safe from hazardous lithium-ion battery fires.

Intelligent Design

  • Pressure relief filters eliminate smoke and fumes
  • Extreme durability
  • Equipped with heavy-duty locking stability casters
  • Optional electrical outlets allow secure charging
  • Enquire about custom sizes and high watt-hour upgrades

Environmentally-friendly CellBlockEX

Our cabinets are designed to contain harmful smoke and and dangerous fires. If a battery or device overheats, explodes, or catches fire, your personnel and environment will be protected by the best in the business.

Each CellBlock Battery Storage Cabinet contains our proprietary fire extinguishing agent, CellBlockEX®. CellBlockEX is a proven dry fire-suppressant capable of halting thermal propagation in devices, batteries, or cells. CellBlockEX is:

  • Made from 100% recycled glass
  • Lightweight and absorbent
  • Free from crystalline silicate and asbestos
  • Sustainable

In a collaborative study with the UL and Stress Engineering Services, CellBlockEX was demonstrated to halt propagation in lithium-ion fires.

Downloadable Documents:
UL Propagation Test
Cabinet Brochure

A fire suppressing panel used in CellBlock products.

Simply Brilliant Shelf Design

  • Gravity-fed CellBlockEX extinguishing system
  • Constructed with CellBlock high-temperature composite liner
  • Extinguishing system is rechargeable
Interior view of the CellBlock Battery Cabinet showing shelves and panels.
CellBlock Bench Top Battery Storage Cabinet
New bench top battery cabinet is conveniently sized for busy workshops and technology labs.
Battery Charing Cabinet
The addition of optional electrical outlets makes the cabinets ideal for secure battery charging.
Lithium-ion battery storage cabinet.
New XL Floor Cabinet for Maximum Battery Storage
Super cabinet for safe battery storage.
Highest storage capacity at 46.5 cu.ft. (standard)

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