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CellBlock Battery Cabinets

The Ultimate Insurance Against Lithium-ion Battery Fires

Store Batteries with Confidence. There's a reason CellBlock® is Trusted by the Safest Brands on Earth™

The dangers of improperly storing lithium-ion batteries have been well-documented over the past decade. Without the right separation, climate, and safety measures in place, storing batteries on-site poses a dormant but potentially expensive and devastating threat to your work environment.

CellBlock Battery Storage Cabinets are a superior solution for the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries and devices containing them. Our practical, durable cabinets are manufactured from aluminum, and lined with CellBlock’s Fire Containment Panels. CellBlockEX provides both insulation and fire-suppression, to keep your assets and personnel safe from hazardous lithium-ion battery fires.

Intelligent Design

  • Deployment system automatically delivers CellBlockEX in the presence of flames
  • Pressure relief filters eliminate smoke and fumes
  • Optional interior power strips allow secure charging
  • Equipped with heavy-duty locking stability feet
  • Extreme durability

Environmentally-friendly CellBlockEX in Every Cabinet

Each CellBlock Battery Storage Cabinet contains our proprietary fire extinguishing agent, CellBlockEX®. CellBlockEX is a proven dry fire-suppressant capable of halting thermal propagation in devices, batteries, or cells. CellBlockEX is:

  • Made from 100% recycled glass
  • Lightweight and absorbent
  • Free from crystalline silicate and asbestos
  • Sustainable

Engineered Shelf Design Offers Simple Deployment

Our fire-suppression media delivery system was designed to deploy automatically in the presence of flames without relying on mechanical or electrical systems. This means it works every time.

  • Gravity-fed deployment system automatically delivers CellBlockEX in the presence of flames
  • Shelves are lined with CellBlock high-temperature composite to prevent heat transfer to adjacent shelves
  • Suppression system can be recharged

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