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Energy Safe

Battery Storage for Full Pallets and Crates

Safe battery storage cube for palletized batteries

CBES6060 Energy Safe I

Product SKU: CBES6060
ECR (Energy Containment Rating): 60 kWh 
Capacity: Accommodates full pallet/crates
Exterior: 59.9” x 60”d x 74.3”h (152.15 cm x 152.4 cm x 188.7 cm)
Interior: 55.5” x 55.7”d x 55.9”h (141 cm x 141.5 cm x 142 cm)
Weight: 2273 lbs (1031 kg)
Base: Omni-directional forklift glides
EMS Exhaust Monitoring System Standard
Modular – Stack up to two high

EMS+ Upgrade
Stainless steel construction
110/220V Electrical outlets

Optional CellBlock EMS
Exhaust Monitoring System)

The CellBlock EMS (Exhaust Monitoring System) is a cabinet add-on that enhances battery charging and safe storage. Designed for use in a climate controlled environment, it regulates temperature and provides active smoke monitoring with an alarm system. The ideal upgrade on CellBlock FCS cabinets that are used for charging, discharging, cycling, or testing batteries.

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