The Wall-Mounted LIBIK can be fastened to most surfaces for easy access to lithium-battery fire extinguishing tools and safety gear.

The Wall-Mounted LIBIK provides fast access to fire extinguishing tools.

Our Wall-Mounted LIBIK allows for the fastest possible deployment of fire suppression tools and safety equipment. Easy access to the LIBIK and its contents makes it ideal for laboratory environments, hospitals, schools, manufacturing settings, and more.

When a lithium ion cell or a tool battery catches fire, the last thing you want to do is dig through a remote supply closet to find your extinguishing tools. Your emergency response kit should be readily found, and well within arms reach. CellBlock FCS has introduced a new line of Wall-Mounted LIBIK (Lithium Ion Battery Incident Kit) products for optimal fire safety preparation in virtually any location.

The Wall-Mounted LIBIK assists in the suppression of lithium-ion battery fires by providing the following tools:

Mitigating Risk in a Thermal Event:

  • In the event of a lithium-ion battery fire or an overheating device, nearby personnel will have access to a variety of fire suppression tools and safety equipment to neutralize danger on the spot.
  • The LIBIK Fire Shield Blankets may be used as a personal shield when approaching a compromised device, or to create a suppressive effect when used in conjunction with PED-Pad pillows. These fire resistant blankets may also be used to handle a device that has been safely extinguished.
  • The PED‑Pad pillows are filled with our proprietary fire extinguishing media, CellBlockEX. The pillow is placed directly onto the fire or overheating device. The CellBlockEX is automatically deployed and works to extinguish the fire and uptake smoke and fumes. No water or halon is needed.
  • CellBlock High Heat Gloves are designed to withstand temperatures beyond 2000℉. These high dexterity gloves can protect your firefighters from even the most extreme temperatures.

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