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Conveniently-sized Lithium-ion Battery Cases for Storage or Transport

Small lithium-ion battery shipping case

3 kWh Battery Case

Product SKU: CBSTC020
ECR (Energy Containment Rating): 3 kWh
UN Mark: 4B/X67/S/**/USA/M6484 (** = year of manufacture)
Exterior: 20.7” x 18” x 10.5”h (52.6cm x 45.7cm x 26.7cm h)
Interior: 16.3” x 13” x 5.9”h (41.4cm x 33cm x 15cm h)
Weight: 39.9 lbs (18.1 kg)
Maximum Content Weight: 107.8 lbs (48.9 kg)
Gross Weight Limit: 147.7 lbs (67 kg)

Large metal lithium-ion battery case

4 kWh Battery Case

Product SKU: CBSTC030
ECR (Energy Containment Rating): 4 kWh
UN Mark: 4B/X100/S/**/USA/M6484 (** = year of manufacture)
Exterior: 30.7” x 18” x 10.5”h (78cm x 45.7cm x 26.7cm)
Interior: 26” x 13” x 5.9”h (66cm x 33cm x 15cm)
Tare Weight: 58 lbs (26.3 kg)
Maximum Content Weight: 162.5 lbs (73.7 kg)
Gross Weight Limit: 220.5 lbs (100 kg)

Battery Capacity

5 kWh Battery Case

Product SKU: CBSTC3219
ECR (Energy Containment Rating): 5 kWh
UN Mark: 4B/X128/S/**/USA/M6484 (** = year of manufacture)
Exterior: 32.2” x 19.2” x 16.6”h (81.8cm x 48.8cm x 42.2cm)
Interior: 25.9” x 12.9” x 12”h (65.8cm x 32.8cm x 30.5cm)
Tare Weight: 164 lbs (74.4 kg)
Maximum Content Weight: 118.2 lbs (53.6 kg)
Gross Weight Limit: 282.2 lbs (128 kg)

mid-size lithium-ion battery case

6 kWh Battery Case

Product SKU: CBSTC3024
ECR (Energy Containment Rating): 6 kWh
UN Mark: 4B/X160/S/**/USA/M6484 (** = year of manufacture)
Exterior: 31.1” x 23.9” x 18.4”h (79cm x 60.7cm x 46.7cm)
Interior: 25” x 18.8” x 8”h (63.5cm x 47.8cm x 20.3cm)
Tare Weight: 105.8 lbs (48 kg)
Maximum Content Weight: 246.9 lbs (112 kg)
Gross Weight Limit: 352.7 lbs (160 kg)

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