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100+ ECR Battery Cases

High Energy Storage of Lithium-Ion Batteries and EV Battery Modules

Full-featured Super-sized Battery Storage and Shipping

The premier solution for preventing and containing hazardous battery fires.  CellBlock's 100 kWh+ cases are capable of accommodating large-format batteries and offer the absolute maximum protection against lithium-ion thermal events with 360° fire suppression coverage for all of its contents.

Each case is double-lined with .125 inch steel and CellBlock’s proprietary fire panels. The pressure relief system mitigates smoke and fumes and eliminates risk of explosion due to over-pressurization.

Tested beyond compliance. We subject our cases to “worst-case scenario” testing.

View of lithium-ion fire-suppression system

Effective suppression with a self-deployed extinguishing system featuring CellBlockEX® Technology.

thermal alert system faceplate

Available with TAS (Thermal Alert System) to provide proactive battery fire detection.

Max Lithium-Ion Battery Case for EV and high energy storage

100 kWh Battery Case

Product SKU: CBSTC085
ECR (Energy Containment Rating): 100 kWh
UN Mark: 50A/X/S/**/USA/M6484/4716/2434
Exterior: 90.3” x 59.5” x 38.2”h (229.4cm x 151.1cm x 97cm)
Interior: 76” x 46” x 19”h (193cm x 116.8cm x 48.3cm)
Tare Weight: 3000 lbs (1361 kg)
Max Content Weight: 2366 lbs. max. (1073 kg max.)
Gross Weight Limit: 5366 lbs. max. (2432 kg max)

Very large EV battery storage and transport case

150 kWh Battery Case

Product SKU: CBSTC10078
ECR (Energy Containment Rating): 150 kWh
UN Mark: 50A/X/S/**/USA/M6484/5896/3029
Exterior: 106” x 84” x 37”h (269.2cm x 213.4cm x 94cm)
Interior: 92” x 69.5” x 22”h (233.7cm x 176.5cm x 55.9cm)
Interior with Battery Tray: 84” x61.5” x 16”h (213.4cm x 156.2cm x 40.6cm)
Tare Weight: 5200 lbs (2359 kg)
Max Content Weight: 1479 lbs. max. (670 kg max.)
Gross Weight Limit: 6679 lbs. max. (3029 kg max)

Extra large case for electric vehicle batteries

200 kWh Battery Case

Product SKU: CBSTC14078
ECR (Energy Containment Rating): 200 kWh
UN Mark: Pending
Exterior: 151.75” x 87.5” x 54.6”h (385.4cm x 222.25cm x 138.7cm)
Interior: 137.5” x 73.5” x 38.1”h (349.25cm x 186.7cm x 96.8cm)
Interior with Battery Tray: 137.5” x 73.5” x 34.6”h
(349.25cm x 186.7cm x 87.9cm)
Tare Weight: 7236 lbs – Base 4560 lbs; Lid 2676 lbs (3236 kg – Base 2068 kg; Lid 1213 kg)
Max Content Weight: Pending
Gross Weight Limit: Pending

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