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CellBlock High Heat Gloves

Heat Resistance and Flame Protection

Protect yourself with CellBlock High Heat Gloves

CellBlock High Heat Gloves are assembled using composite textiles made to withstand extreme heat. They were designed to protect firefighters when handling a lithium-ion battery fire, but they can be employed in virtually any situation* where heat resistance and flame protection is necessary, such as construction or welding.

Features and Benefits:

  • Resists temperatures over 2000ºF
  • 12-second FAA burn test qualified
  • Durable and light weight
  • Unmatched fire protection
  • High dexterity
  • Silicon non-slip grip
  • Flexible for comfort and precision.

Our gloves are “one-size-fits-most.”

*not for handling hot liquids or molten solids

We put our High Heat Gloves to the test

At CellBlock FCS, it’s our job to prove that each and every one of our fire safety products meets the highest standard of quality. So what’s the best way to effectively demonstrate how our gloves perform under extreme temperatures? By subjecting them to a 1300ºC torch, of course. 

A critical component of our response and incident kits

Each LIBIK (Lithium-Ion Battery Incident Kit) bag contains a pair of our extreme heat gloves, as well as PED-Pad fire suppression pillows and a Fire Shield Blanket. Likewise, the gloves and blanket are an important component of our Drum Plug kits. These combinations of fire-fighting tools provide fast, safe fire suppression while offering unmatched protection for the user. Each of these items may be purchased separately.

Dependable and versatile

Our gloves are well-suited for use in laboratory environments, construction work, welding, and more. Their non-slip grip and extreme heat resistance makes them a reliable choice for a variety of applications where thermal protection is a concern.

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