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Fire-Suppression Pillows

Extinguish Lithium-Ion Battery Fires Within Seconds with PED-Pad Fire-Suppression Pillows

Fire suppression PED-Pads were originally designed for the technology sector in repair lab environments, but the applications for this versatile product are numerous. The PED-Pad pillow can be placed over a compromised PED (Personal Electronic Device) in the event of a thermal runaway. The inner CellBlockEX loose-fill will be released, smothering the burning object, extinguishing the fire and consuming smoke and fumes. The PED-Pad works quickly and the flame-resistant fabric cover can be reused multiple times.

Pair the PED-Pad with our LIBIK Fire Shield Blanket and High Heat Gloves to further shield your people and your environment from lithium-ion battery fires. These options together give you a complete fire, fume, and smoke suppression solution.

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