Safe. Simple. Effective.

CellBlock® FCS

Thank you for your interest in CellBlock FCS, solutions for the safe handling, collection, transportation and storage of lithium-ion batteries.

Numerous fire hazards exist in production, transportation, storage and operation. Companies need peace of mind knowing their people, products and profits are protected. And they want three things: safety, reliability and affordability. What began as a solution to the airline industry, has grown into a comprehensive line of fire containment and extinguishing products suitable for any business including panels, transportation and storage cases, bags, pads, drums and loose-fill. CellBlock FCS helps you safely handle, transport and store LI batteries and other dangerous goods – from flammable liquids to flammable solids – with confidence.

CellBlock FCS provides you with peace of mind knowing you’re using the safest, greenest, simplest and most effective products on the market.