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Innovative Solutions for a
Battery Powered World

CellBlock FCS is revolutionizing the safe handling, transportation, and storage of lithium-ion batteries with patented solutions that have been tested Beyond Compliance™

Workplace Safety

It's a matter of “when” not “if” you'll face a lithium-ion battery fire in the workplace. Be prepared with right the tools.

Emergency Response
and Clean Up

Lithium-ion battery fires are on the rise. Do you have protocols in place for the handling of these difficult to control fires? 

2 bags of CellBlockEX fire suppressant media


The original “TRUE BLUE” fire suppression media engineered for the unique hazard profile of lithium-ion batteries.

battery case for safe containment and transport

Storage Solutions

Our best-in-class cases, cabinets, and charging racks have been tested to the extreme for battery fire containment.

Drums and overpacks for shipping damaged lithium-ion batteries

CellSafe Shipping

Uncompromising solutions specifically designed for shipping lithium-ion batteries. DOT Special Permit + UN Rated

Incident Response

LIBIK (Lithium Ion Battery Incident Kit) and FireShield tools provide protection and fast fire suppression in emergencies.


The Truth About FDNY-Approved E-Bike Charging Containers

A pending bill in the New York City Council would require businesses that rely on e-bikes to provide FDNY-approved containers to their operators. This article reveals the truth about FDNY-approved charging containers.

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