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“Maine company makes innovative products to prevent and contain lithium fires”

– WMTW, Made in Maine, with Steve Minick

A company in Standish is helping the world be better prepared to handle the extremely dangerous fires that lithium-ion batteries can cause.

A wide range of customers, including fire departments, airlines, emergency management and shipping companies, are now using products made by CellBlock Fire Containment Systems.

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“CellBlock Augments Safe Charge Line with New Products to Address Mounting Danger of E-Bike Battery Fires”

– CellBlock Augments Safe Charge Line, BusinessWire

Batteries used for mobility that are then charged at home can self-ignite during charging and storage. In New York City alone there have been 14 deaths this year. The potential for a lithium battery fire to rapidly and completely consume a room and prevent egress is unprecedented, and it can happen without warning—especially during charging.

CellBlock Fire Containment Systems, recognized as an innovator in battery safety, announced today two additions to the Safe Charge line of products for lithium-ion batteries used in e-bikes, scooters, and other small vehicles.

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“Maine company leading way in battery fire suppression”

– Maine Company Leading the Way, News Center Maine

A company in Maine is leading the way in creating products that address safety concerns posed by lithium-ion batteries. Those batteries have been known to cause fires when not handled properly.

“It’s in your electronic toothbrush. It’s in your Apple Watch. It’s in your earbuds. It could simply be in your electric shaver,” Dawn New-Echlin of CellBlock FCS said.

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“FDNY Approves CellBlock Fire Containment System for E-Mobility Batteries”

– CellBlock Fire Containment System for E-Mobility Batteries, BusinessWire

CellBlock Fire Containment Systems announced today its modular battery charging rack has obtained regulatory approval by the FDNY for use in charging lithium-ion batteries. The Charge Safe Battery Rack is the first and only approved system allowing for the bypass of NYC fire code 309.3, requiring 2 feet of separation between charging batteries not only adjacent but omnidirectional.

“Until now, even a fortified 10×10 battery fire area would be spatially inadequate for 50kWh of stored energy. Our system is not only the safest charging system, it requires 1/12th the space” said Dylan Vandemark, CellBlock FCS CTO and Founder. “Our team is excited to not only offer safety in storage but passive fire suppression and measurable cost savings as perhaps the most impressive added value.”

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