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cellsafe battery shipping kit

Packaging for Damaged, Defective and Recalled (DDR) Batteries and Devices up to 300 Wh​

Compliant drum and pail packaging for lithium-ion batteries

CellSafe® Battery Pail and Drum Kits are a safe solution for the collection, storage and shipping of lithium-ion batteries. Using CellBlockEX technology, this packaging provides reusable, reliable protection from thermal runaways.

  • DOT Special Permit 20549 and Equivalency Certificate SU 13896 authorized.
  • P908 tested and compliant.
  • The safest bulk transport solution for damaged and spent batteries.

Cost Effective Packaging

  • Ship up to 24lbs/11kg damaged/defective in CellSafe pails, or use CellBlock Drums to ship up to 132lbs/60kg.
  • NO inner packaging or terminal protection when instruction requirements are followed.
  • Commingle DDR and non-DDR lithium-ion batteries.
  • CellBlockEX may be recovered and reused.

Simple Implementation

  • No Hazmat Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) training required.
  • Seamless integration and logistics with strategic battery recycling and recovery partners.
  • An off-the-shelf solution for shipping batteries under 300 Wh

Fire Suppression Powered by CellBlockEX®

  • There is only one CellBlockEX® — the True Blue dry fire-suppressant capable of halting thermal propagation in devices, batteries, or cells.
  • Proprietary mineral suppressant
  • Lightweight – approximately ¼ the density of sand
  • Engineered functionality for Li-ion batteries fires
  • Non-combustible and non-conductive
  • Clean – zero toxicity or contaminants

5 Gallon Pail


Interior Dimensions:
13.75” depth x 11.75” dia
35 cm depth x 30 cm dia

UN Mark:

Tare Weight:
4 lbs  |  1.8 kg

Max Gross:
62 lbs  | 28 kg

DDR Content:
24 lbs  | 11 kg

Regulatory Maximum:
300 Wh

16 Gallon Drum


Interior Dimensions:
23” depth x 14.8” dia
58.4 cm depth x 37.6 cm dia

UN Mark:

Tare Weight:
13 lbs  |  5.6 kg

Max Gross:
154 lbs  | 70 kg

DDR Content:
38.6 lbs  | 17.5 kg

Regulatory Maximum:
300 Wh

55 Gallon Drum


Interior Dimensions:
33.5” depth x 22.4” dia
85 cm depth x 56.9 cm dia

UN Mark:

Tare Weight:
32 lbs  |  14.5 kg

Max Gross:
661 lbs  | 300 kg

DDR Content:
132 lbs  | 60 kg

Regulatory Maximum:
300 Wh

Need to Ship More than 300 Wh? Level Up to MAX

Our CellSafe MAX Drums allow you to ship up to 1800 Wh

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