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Lithium-ion Battery Storage and Transport Cases for Typical EV Batteries

CellBlock metal battery storage case.

15 kWh Battery Case

Product SKU: CBSTC052
ECR (Energy Containment Rating): 15 kWh
UN Mark: 4B/X400/S/**/USA/M6484 (** = year of manufacture)
Exterior: 53” x 29.4” x 32.3”h (134.6cm x 74.7cm x 82cm)
Interior: 46.8” x 23.5” x 18.5”h (118.9cm x 59.7cm x 47cm)
Tare Weight: 208 lbs (94 kg)
Maximum Content Weight: 674 lbs (306 kg)
Gross Weight Limit: 882 lbs (400 kg)

Large metal lithium-ion battery case

20 kWh Battery Case

Product SKU: CBSTC5232
ECR (Energy Containment Rating): 20 kWh
UN Mark: Pending
Exterior: 55.5” x 34” x 43.8”h (140.1cm x 86.4cm x 111.3cm)
Interior: 47” X 26.8” X 30”h (119.4cm x 68.1cm x 76.2cm)
Tare Weight: 463 lbs (210 kg)

Large battery module storage case

20 kWh Battery Case

Product SKU: CBSTC5845
ECR (Energy Containment Rating): 20 kWh
UN Mark: 50B/X/S/* **/USA/M6484/0/966 (** year of manufacture)
Exterior: 64” x 46” x 28.3”h (162.6cm x 116.8cm x 71.9cm)
Interior: 55.5” x 38.5” x 14.5”h (141cm x 97.8cm x 36.8cm)
Tare Weight: 502 lbs (228 kg)
Maximum Content Weight: 1627 lbs (738 kg)
Gross Weight Limit: 2130 lbs (966 kg)

Large battery module case with monitoring

40 kWh Battery Case

Product SKU: CBSTC7562
ECR (Energy Containment Rating): 40 kWh
UN Mark: Pending
Exterior: 75.6” x 68.7” x 27”h (192cm x 174.5cm x 68.6cm)
Interior: 70” x 57” x 14”h (177.8cm x 144.8cm x 35.6cm)
Tare Weight: 1034 lbs (469 kg)

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