The large LIBIK is ideal for fire containment in a large lithium battery.

Accommodates extra large laptops
56 cm x 43 cm x 15 cm (22”x17”x6”)
Approx. Interior Dimensions:
44cm x 35.5cm x 10cm (17.5” x 14” x 4”)
7 kg (15.5 lbs.)

Our LIBIK kits include fire retardant blankets and high heat gloves.

Accommodates larger laptops
51 cm x 38 cm x 15 cm (20”x15”x6”)
Approx. Interior Dimensions:
39cm x 34cm x 10cm (15.5” x 13.5” x 4”)
6.1 kg (13.5 lbs.)

The LIBIK bag serves as a fire suppression tool and a lithium battery emergency response kit.

Accommodates most modern laptops
43 cm x 33 cm x13 cm (17”x15”x6″)
Approx. Interior Dimensions:
37cm x 28cm x 10cm (14.5” x 11” x 4”)
5.2 kg (11.5 lbs.)

Empower and protect with the LIBIK System.

A fire suppression and containment kit embraced by the airline industry.

The CellBlock Lithium Ion Battery Incident Kit (LIBIK) is a full line of fire suppression tools that are versatile, simple and effective. The LIBIK is a robust solution to a wide variety of battery fire situations in personal electronic devices (PED). Its unique effectiveness lies in the use of CellBlockEX, an innovative new dry fire-suppressant media, which has been shown to extinguish a lithium-ion battery fire in seconds without the use of water or halon. CellBlockEX is comprised of a very lightweight inert mineral that poses no health risk, and does not have a measurable shelf life or environmental impact.

No battery fire situation is ever the same.
Our options allow you to confront changing risks.

A PED is Overheating

When a passenger’s device gets overly hot, it can be placed in the LIBIK lithium battery fire suppression bag using the supplied high-heat gloves. The bag’s layered fire retardant materials can handle temperatures in excess of 1000°C (1832°F). The interior of the bag is lined with PED-Pad fire suppression pillows containing CellBlockEX dry media. These PED-Pads will automatically release the CellBlockEX in the event of a thermal runaway. No activation is required. The CellBlockEX extinguishes the fire and absorbs the smoke, gases, and flammable electrolyte associated with a lithium-ion battery fire. This would preclude potentially diverting an aircraft in flight since the hazards would be contained. If there is no thermal event, the device can be returned to the passenger or retained for forensic analysis upon arrival.

A PED is on Fire

The Passenger Cabin LIBIK contains goggles, masks, high-heat gloves, PED-Pad fire suppression pillows, and a LIBIK FireShield Blanket to aid in handling a PED in thermal runaway. However, the FAA recommends that a PED fire be extinguished before handling the device for placement in a bag. One recommendation has been to pour water over a thermal event for several minutes, however this releases large amounts of toxic steam into the air and takes too long. There is a better solution. A LIBIK FireShiled Blanket and PED-Pads can be used to extinguish active flames and absorb fumes in a matter of seconds. The fire retardant blankets can also be used to protect other surfaces and act as a fire shield. Once the PED fire is extinguished, it can then be safely handled and placed in the fire containment bag, using the high-heat gloves and fire blanket.

Augment your safety protocol and mitigate risk by carrying additional LIBIK tools onboard. PED-Pads, FireShield Blankets and personal safety equipment are included in the Electronic Device Extinguisher (EDE) LIBIK, or a kit may be customized to your application.

The LIBIK bag’s geometry is such that it will fit anywhere that you could stow a carry-on in the passenger cabin. We offer bag sizes to accommodate the largest laptops on the market as well as all tablets and cell phones.
The Passenger Cabin LIBIKs include:

  • 1 Fire containment bag
  • 2 Removable PED-Pad fire suppression pillows
  • 1 LIBIK FireShield Blanket, which can be used as a shield when handling a compromised device
  • 1 Pair of high-heat gloves
  • 1 Pair of goggles
  • 1 Mask
  • 1 Small prybar (optional)

Tested Extensively In-house and by Third-party Laboratories.

Non-hazardous Environmentally Friendly Product.

Lifetime Replacement on Fire Suppression Bags.

No Water or Halon required.

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Our products have been tested extensively in-house and by third-party laboratories.

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