Flight Deck LIBIK


Large FD LIBIK: 10”x14”x5” 6.4 lbs.
Includes gloves, 2 PED-Pads,
and Fire Blanket (optional);
Velcro strips on back for mounting.

Small FD LIBIK: 10”x14”x3” 4.8 lbs.
Includes gloves and 1 PED-Pad;
Velcro strips on back for mounting.


The Flight Deck Lithium-Ion Battery Incident Kit empowers your pilots in a battery fire situation.

The FD‑LIBIK is the safest solution for mitigating risks of a thermal runaway event on the flight deck. This fire suppression and containment kit was specifically developed for airlines and offers a versatile approach to handling a lithium-ion battery fire in a personal electronic device (PED).

The FD‑LIBIK is a compact solution that uses CellBlockEX dry fire-suppressant media to extinguish a fire AND absorb toxic smoke and fumes. When a PED, such as a tablet, gets overly hot, it can be placed in the FD‑LIBIK. The CellBlockEX will automatically start absorbing the heat, smoke and fumes. If a thermal runaway happens while the device is in the bag, the fire will be suppressed and contained safely.

Safe. Simple. Effective.
With the occurrence of PED fires on the rise, the need for a safe solution is paramount. The FD-LIBIK is your best practice solution.

  • The FD-LIBIK contains PED‑Pad pillow(s) filled with CellBlockEX fire-suppressant media. It is the automatic release of the CellBlockEX from the PED‑Pad that extinguishes the fire and reduce the smoke, gases and flammable electrolyte associated with a lithium-ion battery fire. No water or halon is needed.
  • The layered fire-retardant materials are able to handle temperatures up to 1000°C (1832°F).
  • The CellBlockEX component itself is a very lightweight, inert mineral that poses no health risk, and does not have a measurable shelf life or environmental impact.
  • Equipped with hook and loop strips on the back, the FD‑LIBIK is ready to be mounted to any easily accessible surface.

The Flight Deck LIBIK comes with a lifetime warranty.
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