Augment Your Safety Protocol and Protect Your People with Fire Shield Blankets

Constructed from durable flame-resistant fabrics, our fire blankets are integral to our LIBIKs and are a valuable multi-purpose tool in dealing with lithium-ion battery fires:

  • Use as a personal shield when handling a PED in thermal runaway.*
  • Use to protect surrounding surfaces when dealing with a compromised personal electronic device (PED).
  • Use as an additional containment layer in conjunction with our PED‑Pads to extinguish a fire.

Fire Shield Blanket:
This is our standard Fire Shield Blanket and is appropriate for consumer devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. The top blue layer is a fire-resistant Kevlar blend that helps to contain the smoke and flames, while the bottom black felt layer actively disperses heat. This two-layered approach creates a suppressive effect when used in conjunction with CellBlockEX or PED-Pads placed on top of a thermal runaway. The blanket fabrics are rated for temperatures over 1000ºC (1832°F).

High Wh Fire Shield Blanket:
Recommended for batteries and devices over 100 watt hours, this fire retardant blanket uses a three-layer construction to provide extended protection from thermal runaways in larger devices, and acts as the perfect heat barrier against lithium-ion battery fires. As with our LIBIK Fire Shield, the extreme textiles used in all of our fire resistant shields are rated for temperatures over 1000ºC (1832°F). CellBlock’s heat resistant blankets can also be customized in different sizes.

Equire about custom sizes.

*The use of personal safety equipment, such as high heat gloves, goggles and masks, is also recommended.

Our products have been tested extensively in-house and by third-party laboratories.

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