LIBIK Fire Shield Blankets

30″x30″ Fire Shield Blanket with Handles. Available in custom sizes.

Augment Your Safety Protocol and Protect Your People with LIBIK Fire Shield Blankets

Constructed from durable flame-resistant fabrics, our fire blankets are integral to our LIBIKs and are a valuable multi-purpose tool in dealing with lithium-ion battery fires:

  • Use as a personal shield when handling a PED in thermal runaway.*
  • Use to protect surrounding surfaces when dealing with a compromised personal electronic device (PED).
  • Use as an additional containment layer in conjunction with our PED‑Pads to extinguish a fire.

The top blue layer is a fire-resistant Kevlar blend that helps to contain the smoke and flames, while the bottom black felt layer actively disperses heat. This two-layered approach creates a suppressive effect when used in conjunction with CellBlockEX or PED-Pads placed on top of a thermal runaway. Both fabrics are rated for temperatures over 1000ºC (1832°F).

*The use of personal safety equipment, such as gloves, goggles and masks, is also recommended.

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Our products have been tested extensively in-house and by third-party laboratories.