Shield and Contain Battery Fires

FireShield EV Blankets

Rapidly deployed FireShield EV blankets are rated for Temperature + Energy

When faced with high watt hour fires, it’s not just about temperature. Energy density contributes to intensity and burn time. Constructed from durable fire-proof fabrics, our FireShield EV Blankets are imperative equipment in a first responder’s arsenal to contain a thermal runaway or other high energy fire.


  • 30 Minute Powerplant Fire Penetration Test
  • 14 CFR, Part 25 D §25.853
    60 Second Vertical Burn Test
    5 Minute Cargo Liner Burn Test


  • Rated for temperatures over 1832°F (1000ºC) and pack ratings over 50kWh
  • Handles at each corner and sides allow for ease of deployment by two or more responders.
  • Available in red or blue.

FireShield EV is a single-layer fire blanket constructed of silicon coated silica. It is a compact and lighter weight solution for nimble response to electric vehicle fires.

  • Standard Size – 20’x26’ – approx. 105 lbs.

FireShield EV+ is a two-layer blanket combining the durable silicon-coated silica with a fire-proof carbon barrier. This additional layer super-charges the heat dispersal in addition to providing invaluable containment time and protection to people and property. Ideal for unembedded modules and packs or smaller electric vehicles

  • Standard Sizes:
    8’x8’ – approx. 19 lbs.
    12’x12’ – approx. 42 lbs.
    16’x16’ – approx. 75 lbs.

FireShield EV Custom
Configurable in nearly any size and energy containment capacity.

*The use of personal safety equipment, such as high heat gloves, goggles and masks, is also recommended. Our products have been tested extensively in-house and by third-party laboratories. Inquire about custom sizes.

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