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FireShield EV

When faced with high watt hour battery fires, it’s not just about heat - our electric vehicle fire blankets are rated for temperature + energy.

Energy density contributes to intensity and burn time. Constructed from durable fire-proof fabrics, our FireShield EV Blankets are imperative equipment in a first responder’s arsenal to contain a thermal runaway or other high energy fire.


  • 30 Minute Powerplant Fire Penetration Test
  • 14 CFR, Part 25 D §25.853
    60 Second Vertical Burn Test
    5 Minute Cargo Liner Burn Test


  • Rated for temperatures over 1832°F (1000ºC) and pack ratings over 50kWh
  • Handles at each corner and sides allow for ease of deployment by two or more responders.*

FireShield EV is a single-layer fire blanket constructed of silicon coated silica. It is a compact and lighter weight solution for nimble response to electric vehicle fires.

  • 19'x26′ – (covers most cars)
  • 28.5'x30′ – (for SUVs)
  • custom and semi-custom sizes available. Please inquire.

Currently backordered and experiencing longer lead times due to order volume. You may preorder with the link below, or contact us to be notified when back in stock.

*The use of personal safety equipment is also recommended. Our products have been tested extensively in-house and by third-party laboratories. Inquire about custom sizes.

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