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CellBlock vs Vermiculite: Battery Fire Suppression

Vermiculite does not suppress flames nearly as well as CellBlockEX.

Vermiculite is useful as a lightweight and absorbent packaging material, but it doesn't function well as a fire suppressant. Vermiculite will not extinguish a fire before its fuel supply is completely exhausted, so if you're shipping flammable or combustible materials or goods, you might want to consider a safer alternative.

CellBlockEX is a lightweight filler that serves as a functional fire suppressant to quickly extinguish thermal runaways. Since every second of a lithium-ion battery fire presents an opportunity for a chain reaction, rapid suppression is essential for curtailing danger.

The following video demonstrates why CellBlockEX is superior to vermiculite as a packaging medium when shipping lithium-ion batteries or other potentially hazardous products and materials.

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