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DHL’s New Guidance for Shipping Li-ion Batteries By Air

DHL has released updated guidance on best practices for shipping lithium ion batteries by air.

Noting that “international commitments to achieve carbon neutrality in the coming decades depend on the electrification of our economies,” DHL goes on to conclude, “shippers must understand how to safely ship lithium-ion batteries by air.” This is followed by data about the global demand for lithium-ion batteries (hint: it's not decreasing), which supports DHL's argument that understanding how to safely ship lithium ion batteries is becoming more and more crucial. DHL goes on to state that “Lithium-ion batteries can be shipped safely by air if shippers take proper precautions.” They note that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommends a four-part approach to shipping batteries:
  1. Generate awareness of the potential risk and applicable regulations.
  2. Promote the development of outcome-based, harmonized safety-related screening standards and processes for lithium batteries.
  3. Advocate for stricter enforcement mechanisms, including stiffer penalties for rogue shippers and the criminalization of egregious or willful offenses.
  4. Institute protections against accidents, such as fire-resistant aircraft containers.
After one more chart showing the dramatic rise in the demand for battery power, DHL gets down to it at last: how to ship lithium-ion batteries by air. We won't be spoilers: go here and read it yourself:
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