60 Second Burn Certificate

LIBIK Lining Materials; LIBIK Blanket (black side); EDE Bag Lining (black fabric)

12 Second Burn Certificate

LIBIK and EDE Lining and Outer Materials

UL Propagation Test

Collaborative test by Stress Engineering Group and Underwriters Laboratories on CellBlockEX and the CellBlock Transportation/Storage Cases

CellBlockEX MSDS

This voluntary information sheet replaces the Material Safety Data Sheet, since CellBlockEX is not a hazardous material.

Aggregate Comparison

How CellBlockEX compares to other aggregates, such as Vermiculite.

CellBlock Catalog

24-page catalog of our products and services.

CellBlockEX Info Sheet

Non-crystalline fire suppression granulate.

PED-Pad Info Sheet

Fire suppression pillows use CellBlockEX technology to quickly extinguish Li-ion fires.

CellBlockEX HAZMAT Drums Info Sheet

Shipping drums and pails lined with CellBlockEX.

CellBlockEX Cabinet Info Sheet

CellBlockEX-lined cabinet for the safe storage of Li-ion batteries.

FD LIBIK Info Sheet

Fire and smoke suppression and containment kit for the flight deck.

LIBIK Info Sheet

Fire and smoke suppression and containment kit for the passenger cabin and more.

EDE Info Sheet

Additional fire and smoke suppression and containment tools for anywhere.

LIBIK Suggested Procedures

Suggested procedures for use of the LIBIK and FD-LIBIK.

CellBlock Cases Info Sheet

Safely transport or store lithium-ion batteries and devices by land, air or sea.

CellBlock Gloves Burn Certification

FAA Approved Testing;
Vertical Flame Test