60 Second Burn Certificate

LIBIK Lining Materials; LIBIK Blanket (black side); EDE Bag Lining (black fabric)

12 Second Burn Certificate

LIBIK and EDE Lining and Outer Materials

High Heat Gloves burn certificate.

CellBlock Gloves Burn Certification

FAA Approved Testing;
Vertical Flame Test

UL Propagation Test

Collaborative test by Stress Engineering Group and Underwriters Laboratories

AEROBLAZE powerplant fire penetration test results.

Powerplant Test Certification

Experimental 30 minute flame test performed on LIBIK textiles with fireproof rating.

Read more about the CellBlock FCS Battery Storage Cabinet in this informative brochure.

CellBlockEX Cabinet Brochure

CellBlockEX-lined cabinet for the safe storage of Li-ion batteries.

CellBlock Cases Brochure

Safely transport or store lithium-ion batteries and devices by land, air or sea.

Read our information sheet to learn more about our hazardous materials transport drums.

CellBlockEX HAZMAT Drums Info Sheet

Shipping drums and pails lined with CellBlockEX.

LIBIK brochure.


Lithium-Ion Battery Incident Kits for the passenger cabin, flight deck, and more.

LIBIK X fire suppression kit brochure.


Taking Hazardous Smoke and Toxic Fumes containment to the next level.

Drum Plug Brochure

CellBlock Drum Plug

Convert Off-the-shelf Industry Safety Products to Best Practice Emergency Solutions.

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