New Products Added to Safe Charge Line for E-Bikes and Micromobility

August 7, 2023 Dale Geist

Batteries used for mobility that are then charged at home can self-ignite during charging and storage. In New York City alone there have been 14 deaths this year. The potential for a lithium battery fire to rapidly and completely consume a room and prevent egress is unprecedented, and it can happen without warning—especially during charging.

That’s why we have announced two additions to the Safe Charge line of products for lithium-ion batteries used in e-bikes, scooters, and other small vehicles. The Safe Charge Sleeve E Series, designed for removable batteries, and the Safe Charge Cover, designed for e-bikes without a detachable battery, join the Safe Charge Rack, which is authorized by FDNY for the charging of 40 batteries, to round out CellBlock’s offerings for safely charging micromobility batteries.

Safe Charge Sleeve E Series

Safe Charge Sleeve E Series

CTO Dylan Vandemark is on a mission: “These e-bike fires in apartment buildings are a severe threat to consumer safety. After listening to feedback from FDNY, we understand the need and the performance requirements for such products. Ultimately, it’s both about containing the fire and allowing building occupants to escape and fire fighters to arrive in time.”

Having demonstrated the technology live in front of FDNY recently, we are confident that the patent pending technology is not only effective, but creates a new standard for e-bike safety. We have partnered with Call2Recycle, the nation’s largest non-profit battery collection and recycling program and manager of America’s first and only e-bike recycling program, to organize the program for the
new Safe Charge products.

“As the city continues to grapple with e-mobility fire challenges, we believe we can play a vital role in helping to prevent tragic incidents and injuries,” said Leo Raudys, CEO of Call2Recycle. “We are excited to team up with CellBlock to introduce these cutting-edge micromobility charging and storage systems, prioritizing the safety of all users.”

Safe Charge Cover in NYFD demonstration.

Safe Charge E-Bike Cover in NYFD demonstration.

According to Vandemark, “Not all products claiming to contain lithium batteries fires are equal, as there are incredible engineering obstacles to overcome, including very high temperatures, spontaneous flammable gas induced explosions, projectiles, and electrical arcing. Some manufacturers of battery safety products don’t understand the risk profiles or have chosen to ignore them. CellBlock’s rigorous product development process assures unparalleled safety – we test beyond compliance.”

CellBlock and Call2Recycle’s shared goal is to save lives. Our proprietary textiles and fire containment technologies have contributed to making lithium-ion charging systems more accessible than ever for consumers and businesses alike. Top-quality solutions for accessible e-safety have finally arrived.

The Safe Charge Sleeve E Series is available for pre-order in multiple sizes and energy containment ratings (ECR’s) suitable for batteries up to 800Wh of stored energy. The Safe Charge Cover is in final development and will be available for purchase soon.