CellBlockEX Fire Suppressant Media

CellBlockEX is the safest solution for preventing fire and toxic smoke when you are storing or transporting dangerous goods. Proven to halt propagation in a lithium-ion battery fire.

LIBIK = Lithium Ion Battery Incident Kit

Fire suppression kits that protect the fire-fighter. Solutions for the passenger cabin and flight deck, plus our FireShield Blanket – ideal for any industry where device fires are a concern.

Class-D Hazardous Materials Drums

DOT-approved steel drums and pails with CellBlockEX technology represent a best-practice method for transporting used, spent, damaged and prototype batteries, as well as other Class-D goods.


PED-Pad Fire Suppression Pillows

The PED-Pad pillow can be placed over a compromised PED (Personal Electronic Device) in the event of a thermal runaway to quickly extinguish fires.


CellBlock Transportation and Storage Cases

These cases are engineered, not just to contain a thermal event, but to completely suppress a fire. Tested and proven to halt propagation in a lithium-ion battery fire.


CellBlock Fire Tiles and Panels

An ideal substrate for the construction of high-temperature fire containment shipping and storage containers, ballistic test chambers, fire corridors and floor underlayment.

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