CellBlock® FCS

Thank you for your interest in CellBlock, a solution for the safe handling, collection, transportation and storage of lithium-ion batteries.

CellBlock Fire Containment Systems (FCS) are manufactured by Cornerstone Products, LLC  in Standish, Maine.

CellBlock FCS utilizes expanded glass technology to manufacture Fire Containment Panels – a specialized building material that can be used to clad existing rooms or can be constructed as free standing structures, transportation units, collection boxes, or storage shelves. These structural pre-cast panels consist of varying glass aggregate grain sizes bound with lightweight cements, pozzolans, and other additives. The resulting product is a strong, lightweight fire containment panel that can withstand temperatures in excess of 1100°C (2012°F) for extended periods of time. The outside of the panel will remain cool to the touch, as there is no heat transfer. Cloud-enabled controls can be used to monitor the thermal activity of the storage unit and will send alerts if the temperature inside the CellBlock exceeds normal range.

CellBlock ULD

CellBlock® high-temperature fire containment ULD, ULD Liner Tiles, and Cargo Bay Liner Panels

Aluminum structures, such as ULDs and cargo bays can be easily retrofitted with CellBlock tiles or panels to protect the outer shell from the extreme heat of lithium-ion battery fires. In addition, the rigid strength of the CellBlock panels make them an ideal substrate for the construction of high-temperature fire containment shipping and storage units. Thicknesses are based on customer requirements; a 2.54cm (1″) tile or panel can withstand up to 6 hours of direct heat in excess of 1100°C (2012°F).

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CellBlock® Transportation Units

Available in two sizes and designed to fit in an overhead luggage compartment, CellBlock Transportation Units allow for safe air transport of lithium-ion batteries and devices containing them. These units utilize CellBlock panels coupled with CellBlockEx loose-fill media. If the batteries or devices within the unit experience a thermal event, the inner panels insulate the outside of the box from the extreme heat, while the CellBlockEx serves as both a fire suppressant and a filter, absorbing harmful fumes within the unit.

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LIBIK is an acronym for Lithium-Ion Battery Incident Kit.

The all new LIBIK is fabricated with layered fireretardent materials that can handle temperatures up to 1648° C (3000°F), plus multiple layers of CellBlockEx loose-fill fire-suppressant media. The standard LIBIK’s geometry is such that it will fit anywhere that you could stow a carry-on. Our new prototype unit will accommodate the largest laptops on the market as well as all tablets and cell phones. A pair of fire retardent gloves and a fire blanket are included with the kit.

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CellBlockEx Loose Fill Media


Containment boxes and other structures made with CellBlock technology can be filled with CellBlockEx loose-fill. It is the CellBlockEx which extinguishes the fire and absorbs the smoke, gases and flammable electrolyte associated with a lithium-ion battery incident/fire. The CellBlockEx material itself is an inert mineral that poses no health risk, and has no measurable shelf life. The material is also very lightweight at 5.76 kg (12.7 lbs) per cubic foot.

Lithium-ion batteries that are covered in CellBlockEx and enclosed within our CellBlock panels are safely contained and suppressed during a thermal run-away incident. Whether the batteries are uncompromised, or have been compromised and an event is imminent, the CellBlock/CellBlockEx unit provides the optimal turn-key solution for safe handling, transporting and storing lithium-ion batteries and products containing them, all while exceeding stringent DOT requirements.

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This technology is new. CellBlockEx has just released their fine particle offering for use in pressure vessels, such as metal fire extinguishers. In 2017 a small extinguisher containing CellBlockEx 0.3 will be integrated as part of the LIBIK system to extinguish flames prior to insertion into the containment box.

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CellBlock FCS, CellBlockEx, LIBIK fire suppressant media represent current best practices management for the handling of lithium-ion batteries and devices. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of these products. Please advise us of a convenient time to visit your corporate headquarters and give a formal presentation.

We appreciate your interest in CellBlock. Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any further questions. You may contact me directly at 603-276-5785. I’d be more than happy to assist.

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