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Airplane Fire Containment Demonstrations featuring LIBIK

Risk of a Battery Fire on a Plane

How many cellphones, laptops, and tablets are onboard an average cross-country flight? How many of them might have damaged or poor-quality batteries? Last, but not least, what happens if one of them goes into thermal runaway during a flight? The risk of a battery fire on a plane flight is very real.

LIBIK in Action

In this video, you'll see how our LIBIK (Lithium-Ion Battery Incident Kit) can contain battery fires in a variety of in-flight scenarios. Watch a laptop, a battery pack, and more cascade into thermal runaway. Filmed at the Delta TechOps facility in Atlanta, Georgia.

What, Exactly, is a LIBIK?

The CellBlock Lithium Ion Battery Incident Kit (LIBIK) is a full line of fire suppression tools that are versatile, simple and effective. The LIBIK is a robust solution to a wide variety of battery fire situations in personal electronic devices (PED). Its unique effectiveness lies in the use of CellBlockEX, an innovative new dry fire-suppressant media, which has been shown to extinguish a lithium-ion battery fire in seconds without the use of water or halon.

LIBIKs come in a variety of configurations, but all have at least one FireShield blanket, High Heat Gloves, and a PED-Pad (filled with CellBlockEX, for directly suppressing thermal runaway), as well as a containment bag to hold the battery until it can be transferred to a safer location.

No battery fire situation is ever the same. LIBIKs are designed to allow you to confront changing risks.

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