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CellBlock Highlights Battery Safety During Fire Prevention Month

One of CellBlock FCS's fire resistant laptop sleeves
Our consumer product line is geared towards safer battery charging in the home

We're in the business of fire safety, so naturally Fire Prevention Month is on our radar. For CellBlock FCS®, fire mitigation and battery safety awareness is a year-long pursuit, but building consumer education is something we can all get behind.

What is Fire Prevention Month?

In case this is news to you, here's a quick primer: it's a public awareness campaign sponsored, since 1922, by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). It is observed each year in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire, which began on October 8, 1871, and caused devastating damage. It's even got a mascot: a cartoon firefighter dog named “Sparky.” (We assume he's pals with Smokey Bear.)

While Fire Prevention Week is specifically recognized, the entire month of October will focus on education and awareness, especially about how to prevent fires in the home. Although there's a heavy emphasis on cooking safety, battery safety is also a growing concern.

CellBlock Wants to Help You Prevent Battery Fires

CellBlock wants your home and family to be safe from the threat of battery fires. That's why we're offering our complete line of Safe Charge Sleeves for your phone, laptop, or tablet for 20% off for Fire Prevention Month.

laptop sleeves for safer charging and fire prevention
CellBlock FCS's new laptop and tablet sleeves can help contain a battery fire and protect your home

Our Safe Charge Sleeve D-Series is proven to be the safest way to charge your personal electronic device. Like all CellBlock products, it's tested beyond compliance so you can sleep soundly knowing that your home and family are safe from battery fires. With a durable aramid-blend outer shell, proprietary fire resistant interior lining, and an easy-to-use fire-rated hook-and-loop closure, these robust laptop and tablet sleeves are proven to withstand temperatures over 1823 °F (1000 °C). Currently they are offered in three sizes: small (best for phones), medium (best for tablets), and large (best for laptops.) Other styles and colors are due for release soon.

Prevent Battery Fires Now

There's no time like the present to take steps to keep you and your loved ones safe, and there's no better way to prevent battery fires while you're charging your tablet, phone, or laptop than CellBlock's Safe Charge Sleeve.

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