FAA Releases Updated Lithium Battery Air Incidents Numbers

August 29, 2023
August 29, 2023 Dale Geist

The FAA recently released updated numbers detailing the number of lithium battery air incidents this year.

The 37 verified incidents from January 1st through July 21st puts 2023 on pace for a similar number incidents as those recorded in 2022. Thus far 2022 was far and away the most dangerous year since records have been kept, eclipsing 2021, with the next highest total at 54. The most concerning trend is the number of battery packs involved in these incidents, as these devices involve far more energy and have higher potential for explosions.

FAA's Updated Lithium Battery Air Incidents Numbers

Image courtesy of Federal Aviation Administration. (https://www.faa.gov/hazmat/resources/lithium_batteries/incidents)

It’s hard to draw definitive conclusions, but it’s reasonable to imagine that 2023 could exceed previous years. While improvements are continuously being made to battery safety, there still exists a glut of aftermarket manufactured products that lack quality controls. These products undoubtedly contribute to the numbers. There is also no debating that the use of personal electronic devices on board aircraft is on the rise, so lithium battery air incidents are statistically destined to increase. These numbers are definitely worth keeping an eye on. [Link to interactive graphic.]

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