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Clean Energy Carries Risks (Ask New York)

New York State is on an aggressive path toward a clean energy grid. Clean energy requires energy storage – and that means batteries. And that means the risk of battery fires.

After a summer of battery fires, New York State is discovering what we're all discovering: the more batteries there are out there, the more battery fires there will be. Battery technology is, without a doubt, a boon to the modern world – but it comes at a cost.

Clean energy publication Canary Media reports, “The string of fires has put Governor Kathy Hochul in a tight spot: She is pushing to increase the state’s battery storage capacity from about 300 megawatts today to 6,000 megawatts in 2030, to complement an expansive buildout of renewable generation. Batteries play a valuable role in balancing the ups and downs of solar and wind production, but they can’t deliver clean power on demand if they’re catching fire.”

Read the entire article here.

At CellBlock, what drives us is keeping lives and property safe from battery fires. We work hard every day designing, engineering, and building the best-in-class products to mitigate the risks of lithium-ion batteries. Whether it's charging, storage, shipping, or direct fire suppression – we are continuously developing the world's safest solutions.

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