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How to Put Out a Phone Fire


If you’re responsible for the safety of a group of people, knowing how to put out a phone fire is essential.

CellBlock Visits Local Heroes

PFD's ARFF Division with LIBIK by CellBlock

We were privileged to kick off the new year by visiting the local heroes of Portland Fire Department’s Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Division (ARFF) and talking battery safety with them.

How to Stop a Lithium-Ion Battery Fire

Cheap battery safety envelope on fire.

Hopefully, you will never need to know how to stop a lithium-ion battery fire, but with an ever increasing reliance on battery-powered tools, toys, and technology, knowing how to stop a battery fire, if it should occur, is essential.

FDNY: “Taking CHARGE” of Battery Safety

ebike on fire

Following yet another fatal micromobility battery fire, FDNY hosted a press conference at the Department’s Training Academy at Randall’s Island. The purpose of the event was to announce the “Take CHARGE” campaign.

How to Safely Charge Your Tablet or Laptop

Lithium-ion batteries power so much of our lives, and smaller ones, like those in our laptops, tablets, and phones, go with us everywhere. As much of a boon as these batteries are, when they catch fire, they can also be a real threat. Most of these battery fires start during charging. Here’s how to safely charge […]

Making a Case for Battery Safety

Large lithium-ion battery module transport case

Need to ship batteries? In this post, we’ll show you how to safely ship lithium-ion batteries by ground or sea. The secret? Our patented battery cases.

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