CellBlock FCS for FIA WRC Battery Safety

March 20, 2023 Dovid Jacob

World Class Lithium-ion Safety Equipment

The heat, the speed, it is man vs machine at the WRC – FIA World Rally Championship Guanajuato Rally Mexico. The first event in Mexico since 2020, the winners of this March 16-19 event get what else, but a pair of cowboy boots. We are honored to supply safety support including EHS Lithium-ion Battery Incident Kits and an EV sized Fire Shield blanket. Catch all the action in the Americas on WRC+, redbull.com, or FOX Sports Mexico.

The EHS Lithium-ion Battery Incident Kit

Our Wall-Mounted LIBIK allows for the fastest possible deployment of fire suppression tools and safety equipment.

EV Fire Blanket: Beyond Compliance

The EV sized Fire Shield controls thermal runaway fast.  With textiles tested beyond compliance this blanket can handle fire in excess of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.