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Featured Test: Safe Charge Sleeve E Series 250

All of our products are tested #BeyondCompliance for maximum safety. Our new Safe Charge E Series Sleeves are no exception. Take a peek inside our operation as we put the 250 through its paces.


216 Wh Battery; 100% State of Charge



  • Prevent external fire and flame spread
  • Contain explosive pressure
  • Allow building occupant escape


  • Pressure relief is critical
  • Smoke release is intentional


  • Rated for temperatures over 1823 °F (1000 °C)
  • Custom engineered organic vapor filters for mitigation of pressure and explosions
  • Multi-layered FireShield®️ composite made by CellBlock
  • Kevlar-reinforced blast-proof seams

Third-Party Certifications

  • 30 Minute Powerplant Fire Penetration Test
  • 14 CFR, Part 25 D §25.853 60 Second Vertical Burn Test
  • 14 CFR, Part 25 D §25.853 5 Minute Cargo Liner Burn Test
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