CellBlockEX Dry Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguisher

February 19, 2018 Dylan Francis Vandemark

When a laptop or cellphone catches on fire, your immediate priority should be to extinguish the flames as safely and effectively as possible. In the case of such an emergency as a thermal runaway, different environments require a different fire safety protocol. Water works in a pinch, but dousing a lithium-ion battery fire with water creates a significant amount of smoke, acidic vapors, and harmful gases, which present a danger in closed spaces such as an airline cabin. For these situations, a dry fire suppressant is the best option.

CellBlockEX is a solid, dry medium that quickly extinguishes fires while absorbing smoke and toxic gases. Made from post-consumer recycled glass, this eco-friendly fire suppressant is a much safer option for suffocating battery fires, and can even be implemented in the safe transportation of flammable goods. Plus, the loose-fill medium of CellBlockEX allows it to be poured into hard-to-reach spaces. The video below showcases the benefits of CellBlockEX in the event of a lithium-ion battery fire.

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Dylan Francis Vandemark

Dylan Francis Vandemark serves as Vice President of Product Development for CellBlock FCS. He provides dangerous goods consulting, SMS training and auditing, fire safety and EHS consulting, lithium battery handling and safety consulting, and standards writing.

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