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Citadel Completions Choses LIBIK for its Luxury Aircraft

World Class Aircraft Finishing Services

Citadel Completion’s is led by a Veteran Leadership Team, on a mission is to be the World’s premier provider of VIP/VVIP interior completions for large aircraft, ranging from B737 and A320 airframes to larger Boeing and Airbus models such as B747, B767, B777, B787, A330, and A340.

Perfect Inflight Suppression and Containment

Nothing is more important than the welfare of crew and passengers. The LIBIK bag is capable of suppressing and containing any thermal runaway event. However, FAA Guidance clearly says “do not move the PED”. You must suppress before you contain. The LIBIK kit effectively addresses this concern and embodies the safest and simplest means of extinguishing a lithium-ion battery fire while minimizing exposure to toxic smoke and vapors.
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