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The Battery Powered Future is Here

lithium ion battery safety solutions are here

The future is here and it is lithium-ion powered. Our modern, sustainable safety solutions enable the leaders in lithium-ion technology to effectively manage the risks associated high energy storage. CellBlock FCS's offerings include:

  • Packaging for battery and device recalls – our award-winning technology is currently in use by leading electronics manufacturers.
  • Incident kits to address thermal runaways and accidental device fires – Airlines were the first to adopt this technology, but the kit product line now envelopes all industries concerned with battery safety.
  • Shipping solutions for specialty and EV batteries – robust cases are the foremost solution being embraced by military contractors, drone developers, and top auto manufacturers as the world transitions to renewable energy sources.
  • Safe battery charging and storage solutions – safety engineers appreciate these incredibly fortified cabinets. They are equipped with optional charging ports to address concerns regarding unsupervised device charging.

CellBlock FCS continues to innovate every day to provide solutions for the evolving needs of a battery powered world.

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