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Jazz Up Your Travel with the Safest Cabins in the Sky

Jazz Airlines Lithium Ion Battery Incident Kit

We are so very excited to see travel back again. More CellBlock LIBIKS mean more safe flights, and more happy passengers and crew. Welcome back to Air Canada's regional superstar, Jazz!

Augment your safety protocol and mitigate risk by carrying additional LIBIK tools onboard.

The CellBlock Lithium Ion Battery Incident Kit (LIBIK) is not just another fire containment bag. Its a full line of fire suppression tools that are versatile, simple and effective. The LIBIK is a robust solution to a wide variety of battery fire situations in personal electronic devices (PED). Its unique effectiveness lies in the use of CellBlockEX, an innovative new dry fire-suppressant media, which has been shown to extinguish a lithium-ion battery fire in seconds without the use of water or halon. CellBlockEX is comprised of a very lightweight inert mineral that poses no health risk, and does not have a measurable shelf life or environmental impact.

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