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The Exhaust Monitoring System Battery Cabinet Upgrade

battery cabinet exhaust monitoring system

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CellBlock FCS Now Offering Upgraded Cabinets and Cases with its New Exhaust Monitoring System

STANDISH, Maine —June 1, 2021— CellBlock FCS, the leading manufacturer of lithium-ion fire safety equipment, has added a new exhaust monitoring system to their innovative battery cabinet and case product lines.

The dangers of improperly storing lithium-ion batteries have been well-documented over the past decade. Without the right separation, climate, and safety measures in place, storing and charging batteries on-site pose a dormant but potentially expensive and devastating threat to your work environment.

CellBlock Battery Storage Cabinets and cases are a superior solution for the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries and devices containing them. These practical, durable cabinets are manufactured from aluminum, and utilize CellBlock’s FCP Technology, a proprietary engineered fire panel. CellBlockEX, an entirely post consumer mineral based aggregate, provides insulation, filtration and fire-suppression with a simple and brilliant deployment system, to keep your assets and personnel safe from hazardous lithium-ion battery fires.  

The new CellBlock EMS (Exhaust Monitoring System) is an add-on that enhances battery charging and safe storage. Designed for use in a climate controlled environment, it provides active monitoring of smoke and temperature, and promotes the removal of excess heat. The first EMS system is in use by one of America’s largest airlines to store charging battery packs. It’s the ideal upgrade on CellBlock FCS cabinets or cases that are used for charging, discharging, cycling, or testing batteries.

Constant innovation leads to safer storage, and this new technological upgrade will be a staple for those entrusted with battery safety.

The ultimate insurance code against lithium-ion battery fires, the Cellblock cabinets and cases just got a tad cooler, and leaps safer.

Store Batteries with Confidence. 


About CellBlock FCS

CellBlock FCS provides modern solutions for a lithium-powered world. Stored energy is increasingly present in our lives. CellBlock’s goal is to match the speed of emerging technology with engineered products that address safety concerns at every level — from development to deployment. For more information, visit


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