CellBlockEX Lithium-ion Fire Extinguisher

July 16, 2021 Dovid Jacob

CellBlockEX is the environmentally-friendly, mineral-based extinguishing agent used for fire fighting and prevention of problematic fires such as metal fires, lithium-ion battery fires, and combustible liquids.

It is composed of non-crystalline glass granulates; these small, lightweight spheres consist of recycled glass with tiny pores on the inside. The engineered formulation of grain sizes produces optimal fire suppression results. And since the granulate is 100% mineral based – it’s safe for you and the environment.

Ship batteries with confidence by land, air or sea. CellBlockEX is at the core of many of our shipping solutions, including Class-D packaging for damaged, defective, and recycled (DDR) lithium-ion batteries.

How Can CellBlockEX Improve Your Workflow and Safety?

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