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The Greenest Choice for Shipping Class-D Goods

CellBlock FCS is committed to protecting the environment. It has been well-established that CellBlockEX is a superior packaging filler for shipping class-D goods, such as lithium-ion batteries. The ability of CellBlockEX to quickly suppress a fire and uptake smoke and fumes helps to lower the impact of a thermal runaway incident on the environment. Its lightweight characteristics – it's 80% air – contribute to lower transportation fuel costs. CellBlockEX is made from post-consumer-recycled glass that’s destined for the land-fill prior to being diverted to our manufacturing plants.  The use of these recycled materials protects natural resources and reduces environmental impacts.

As a fire-suppressant, CellBlockEX clearly out-performs vermiculite. While vermiculite may still have a place in the packaging industry, it is not able to quickly suppress a fire or effectively prevent propagation. Replacing vermiculite with CellBlockEX when shipping class-D goods will greatly reduce our reliance on an inconsistent mined product.

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