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Keep It Cool With These Great Battery Safety Gifts

We're willing to bet your holiday list includes  battery-powered toys or tech, so we've compiled the best battery safety gifts for 2023. 

We all know someone who is highly safety-conscious. (And, yes we all wish we were that person.) Even if you’re not, you probably know that lithium-ion battery fires are a real hazard: they’re difficult to contain and they burn at a high temperature, so they pose a serious threat to people and property. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of must-haves for that safety-conscious person on your holiday gift list.

Safe Charge Sleeve D Series


fire proof tablet sleeve in use

Everybody owns a laptop, a tablet, or both. That means everybody’s at risk for a lithium-ion battery fire – and the risk is greatest while charging the device. That’s why CellBlock created the Safe Charge Sleeve D Series. The Safe Charge Sleeve is the ultimate laptop and tablet sleeve: like any laptop sleeve it protects against scratches, minor spills, and dings, but unlike any other sleeve, the Safe Charge Sleeve is also completely fire proof. Your friend or loved one can rest easy while charging or storing their device, knowing that in the event of a battery fire, their home and family will be safe.

Features of the Safe Charge Sleeve D Series:

  • Durable Kevlar®-blend outer shell
  • Proprietary fire resistant interior lining
  • Easy-to-use fire-rated Velcro® closure 
  • Rated for temperatures over 1823 °F (1000 °C)

Take a look at the Safe Charge D Series:

Safe Charge Sleeve E Series


Do you know someone who’s getting an e-scooter or e-bike this year? Give the gift of safety. Batteries are most susceptible to catching fire while they’re charging – and these e-mobility batteries are so powerful that they can do tremendous damage to people and property when they do.

That’s where this beast comes in handy. Engineered specifically to handle high-powered batteries while they’re charging (or, really, any time they’re just sitting around), the Safe Charge Sleeve E Series will keep your loved ones safe in the event of a battery fire. It comes in four sizes to accommodate almost any e-mobility battery.

Features of the Safe Charge Sleeve E Series:

  • Durable exterior silicone coating
  • Easy-to-use Velcro®-and-buckle closure
  • Tested safe for batteries up to 800Wh (.8kWh)
  • Rated for temperatures over 1823 °F (1000 °C)
  • Custom engineered organic vapor filters for mitigation of pressure and explosions
  • Kevlar®-reinforced blast-proof seams

Watch the Safe Charge Sleeve E Series in action:

CellBlock High Heat Gloves


CellBlock High Heat Gloves for lithium battery fire protection.

How many uses can you think of for a glove that can survive temperatures of over 2000ºF? These High Heat gloves were developed for first responders to handle lithium-ion batteries in thermal runaway (that is to say: on fire). They do that superbly, but they also provide complete protection in any high-temperature scenario, from brush pile burns to backyard barbecues.

Features of the CellBlock High Heat Glove:

  • Resists temperatures over 2000ºF
  • 12-second FAA burn test qualified
  • Durable and light weight
  • High dexterity
  • Silicon non-slip grip

Watch CellBlock High Heat Gloves in action:

FireShield Blanket


Red fire blanket for lithium batteries

Our LIBIK FireShield Blanket is an extraordinary fire safety tool. It's made from proprietary textiles that are engineered to withstand temperatures over 1832°F. The top layer is a fire-resistant Kevlar blend that helps to contain the smoke and flames, while the bottom black felt layer actively disperses heat. It also features a handle on each corner to prevent slipping.

With a 30″ x 30″ span, the FireShield Blanket provides unmatched protection when it comes to battery fires – or any other high-heat incident.

  • Personal shield when approaching a personal electronic device (PED) in thermal runaway
  • Protect surrounding surfaces when dealing with a compromised PED
  • Use as an additional containment layer in conjunction with our PED‑Pads to extinguish a fire.

Take a look at the FireShield Blanket:



CellBlock's LIBIK (Lithium-Ion Battery Incident Kit) is the world's best-known brand for responding to battery fire emergencies, and the EHS Kit is the most economic of all the LIBIKs. Be ready when a phone, tablet, or laptop goes into thermal runaway: first pull on the High Heat Gloves, then quickly get the fire under control with the patented PED-Pad fire suppression pillow, then use the FireShield Blanket to safely move the device to the fire proof storage bag for eventual disposal. (Complete instructions and video tutorials come with each kit.)

Features of the LIBIK EHS Kit:

  • The PED-Pad pillow is filled with our proprietary fire extinguishing media, CellBlockEX. The pillow is placed directly onto the fire. CellBlockEX is automatically deployed, which suppresses the fire and uptakes smoke and fumes.
  • The LIBIK Fire Shield Blanket can be used as a shield when approaching a compromised device, to create a suppressive effect when used in with a PED-Pad pillow, or to handle a device that has been safely extinguished.
  • High Heat Gloves are designed to withstand temperatures beyond 2000°F and offer full hand protection for the duration of the incident.

Watch the LIBIK EHS Kit in Action:

No matter which CellBlock battery safety product you choose, you can be sure you're keeping your loved ones safe. Happy Holidays!

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