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Minimizing toxic smoke and fumes from an in-flight lithium-ion battery fire

Lithium-ion battery pack.

An in-flight lithium-ion battery fire poses a serious and immediate threat to aircraft passengers for some pretty obvious reasons. Fire is dangerous, and even more so in scenarios where evacuation isn't a viable option. Naturally, the solution to an in-flight fire would be to extinguish the flames, but how do you accomplish this objective without creating excessive smoke and toxic fumes?

CellBlock FCS offers a range of fire suppression kits to contain lithium-ion battery fires quickly and effectively. In particular, the LIBIK (Lithium Ion Battery Incident Kit) includes dry fire suppression pillows and a fire shield blanket designed to suffocate fires within seconds, simultaneously minimizing smoke and noxious gases.

The following video highlights the benefits of using the LIBIK PED-Pad Fire Suppression Pillows and Fire Blankets versus the traditional halon and water method of fire suppression. Note that the LIBIK fire suppression kit by CellBlock FCS contains lithium fires much faster while greatly reducing toxic smoke and fumes.

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