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A PED fire has been suppressed by CellBlockEX. Should I also pour water on it?

A cell phone in water.
Hypothetically, a nearby PED (personal electronic device) such as a laptop or cell phone is experiencing thermal runaway or is on fire. You're considering using CellBlock fire suppression products as a solution to your imminent problem, but will you need water or other liquids to assist in extinguishing the fire? No. This step is not needed. Extinguish the fire by placing a PED-Pad fire-suppression pillow and Fire Shield Blanket over the device. When the fire-suppression pillow is exposed to flame, it will automatically disperse the CellBlockEX extinguishing media and begin to immediately suppress the thermal runaway. Once the device has been extinguished and cooled by CellBlockEX, it can then be placed in the LIBIK bag for containment until landing. No water or soaking is necessary and, in fact, liquid is not recommended. When water is placed on an overheating device it causes additional hazardous by-products in the form of toxic vapors and runoff.
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