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FDNY Approves CellBlock Fire Containment System for E-Mobility Batteries

FDNY Approves CellBlock Fire Containment System for E-Mobility Batteries March 21, 2023 11:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time STANDISH, Maine–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CellBlock Fire Containment Systems announced today its modular battery charging rack has obtained regulatory approval by the FDNY for use in charging lithium-ion batteries. The Charge Safe Battery Rack is the first and only approved system […]

Lithium-ion Thermal Runaway Testing

Testing Beyond Compliance: Thermal Runaway Propagation What an amazing series of third party testing for our CellBlock FCS Cabinet in Independence, Ohio weeks ago. Our mission was to create a Thermal Runaway on the middle shelf, while preventing propagation to the first and third adjacent shelves, with the highest quality data possible. The new testing facilities of […]

Stop Thermal Runaway in Seconds

We are starting the year off with a bang! Watch a battery cascade into thermal runaway as the passive fire suppression system of the CellBlock FCS Cabinet takes control of the escalating situation. Spark to suppression in roughly 3 seconds is impressive, even for our standards.

Lithium-ion Fire Containment Systems

What began as an answer to inflight fires in the airline industry, has grown into a comprehensive line of products including UN packaging, DOT SP packaging, personal protective equipment, and custom storage and transport solutions. Our team of safety consultants and experts provide premier customer service and product support. The CellBlock brand is trusted worldwide […]

Lithium-ion Fire Containment Panel Technology

Fire Containment Panel designed by Dylan Vandemark

  Fire Containment Panel Technology has allowed CellBlock to design and fabricate the safest lithium-ion containment system available. Store and transport batteries with confidence. This patented formula supports the safest cases and cabinets for battery storage and transport in the industry. When used in conjunction with CellBlockEX deployment systems, the CellBlock FCP Technology is superior […]

CellBlock Fire Containment Systems

Lithium-ion Safety Solutions CellBlock FCS provides modern solutions for a lithium-ion powered world. Stored energy is increasingly present in our lives. CellBlock’s strives to match the speed of emerging technology with engineered products that address safety concerns at every level — from development to deployment. CellBlockEX Lithium-ion Fire Extinguisher Battery Charging Racks Battery Storage, Shipping and […]

CellBlock Fire Containment Panel Flame Test

Fire Containment Panel designed by Dylan Vandemark

CellBlock’s FCP Technology Blasts Through Testing Companies rely on the CellBlock line of fire containment cases and cabinets to extinguishlithium-ion battery fires and keep valuable cells and team members safe. Dylan Vandemark, VP of Product Development at CellBlock FCS, tests above industry standards to ensure the products will perform in an emergency situation, and these fire […]

CellBlock Transportation Case Witness Panel Test

This CellBlock Transportation Case passes the witness test.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The following test demonstrates the effectiveness of CellBlock Transportation and Storage Cases in preventing the propagation of a thermal event to adjacent luggage or packages. The CellBlock Transportation Case was surrounded by a witness panel consisting of corrugated cardboard wrapped in cheesecloth. Any charring or burning on the cheesecloth during the thermal event would indicate […]

CellBlock Transportation Case & Propagation Test

Subjecting the CellBlock Transportation Case to an extreme load.

CellBlock Transportation Cases allow for the safe transportation and storage of lithium-ion batteries. The following test demonstrates the effectiveness of both the CellBlock Transportation Case and our CellBlockEX granulate in preventing the propagation of a thermal runaway event to adjacent PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices).    

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