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Three Agreements to Celebrate from NBAA 2022

What a great welcome to the friends, colleagues and professionals who descended on Orlando, FL for the 2022 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition! 


Three Days of Business Aviation Innovation

Though we always look forward to impressive keynotes, technologies, and partnerships, this year was impressive.  With inspiration from NASCAR legends and rockstar Astrophysicists, compelling exhibits and even an Interview with NBAA-TV, our three days in Orlando proved exceptional.

“CellBlock FCS developed this technology to provide an environmentally sound solution to help eliminate in-flight PED fires quickly and efficiently,” said Lisa Sasse, CellBlock’s Vice-President of Safety & Security.

As announced on Day 2, it’s an exciting time for Embraer, as their production of Phenom and Praetor executive jets now include the Cabin and FD LIBIK lines for superior battery safety. We are excited for this partnership, and look forward to bright skies ahead!


Two other agreements include a strategic partnership with VSE Aviation, and a partnership with Aero-Formatech®, a leader in education who focuses on products that are environmentally friendly.

‘’Everyone benefits from Emergency Training and CellBlock’s LIBIK products. It’s all about saving lives’’

Daniel Limoges, Aero-Formatech®, President

With access increasing to our tools and safety protocols, we are excited about the future of battery safety for business aviation and beyond.

“At VSE Aviation we are passionate about supplying our commercial, business and general aviation customers with the latest technology to improve their operations” said Ben Thomas, President of VSE Aviation. “Our CellBlock partnership offers a solution to overheated lithium-ion battery incidents in full compliance with the most recent regulatory guidance, focusing on safe extinguishing, not mere containment.”

We look forward to continued collaboration with some of business aviations finest vendors and thought leaders, as additional agreements are in the works.


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