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The 6T Containment Case for Superior Battery Protection

custom military battery case with dividers

CellBlock FCS Custom Fit 6T Battery Containment Cases

Our focus is supporting companies and organizations that utilize stored energy in their day-to-day operations. Features:
  • CellBlock’s patented fire containment composite lining completely surrounds and isolates each battery
  • Offers thermal and ballistic protection
  • Bespoke fire-rated high-density foam provides precision fit protection
  • Gas and pressure relief filters eliminate smoke and fumes
  • Custom add-ons, configurations and sizes available
  • UN Rated
  • P908 Compliant
  • 3rd Party Tested and proven to halt propagation in lithium-ion battery fires
Options / Add-ons
  • Forklift glides
  • Fixed or removable bumpers
  • Heavy duty leveling/locking casters for ease of handling
  • Access ports for wiring
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