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Stop Lithium-ion Fires Fast with CellBlockEX

CellBlock EX battery fire suppression aggregate

Transport and Store Batteries with Confidence.

Batteries are increasingly present in most modern lives, requiring safety tools and procedures that match the growth of the rapidly expanding technology.  Lithium-ion battery chemistry, though powerful, convenient, and cost effective, also pose the risk of thermal runaway, wherein a battery self destructs, creating and consuming its own fuel.  

Until now, there has been no battery fire extinguisher. More importantly, there has been little universal guidance on proper battery fire response.  Water can cool a lithium-ion fire, but not suppress or contain, while vermiculite can take time to quench an overheating cell or battery on fire. 

CellBlockEX was developed for lithium-ion battery fire mitigation, and is also an effective Class D fire Extinguisher.  Engineered and composed of recycled post consumer glass, CellBlockEX is inert, sustainable and extremely effective at stopping thermal propagation, while its porous design absorbs harmful compounds. As an effective lithium-ion fire extinguisher, CellBlockEX is commonly deployed via  brilliantly designed battery cabinet shelves, battery case lids, PED Pad pillows included in most every Lithium-ion battery Incident Kit, and even directly poured onto suspect devices in many situations. Future deployment innovations include hoses, and high pressure canisters.

Shipping batteries that are recalled or suspected to be damaged present their own set of unique challenges.  An unstable battery can create havoc for property and personnel.CellBlockEX Fire Extinguisher in 55L Bags

CellBlockEX is included to mitigate this risk as well when incorporated with CellSafe Steel Drums.  Incorporated into the lining of these Special Permitted CellSafe drums, CellBlockEX helps remove harmful aerosols and smoke, while the Added CellBlockEX loose fill inside the drum mitigates any thermal runaway risks.


Reuse CellBlockEX for measurable Cost Savings 

CellBlockEX that has been used in shipping, and has  experienced no thermal event, can be vacuumed up and reused with confidence.  There is substantial opportunity for measurable cost savings when considering this reusability.


EX is True Blue Battery Fire Suppression

Lithium-ion battery fire containment is here, and the timing could not be better.




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