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Lithium-ion Safety: The CellBlock Drum Plug Safety System


Turn Standard Equipment into Best Practice Battery Safety Solutions

    The CellBlock Drum Plug Safety System is a simple approach for the safe and rapid mitigation of lithium-ion battery thermal events. CellBlock gloves provide protection from high heat and flame. Use a Fire Shield Blanket to approach and bundle a suspect battery for transfer to a dedicated emergency drum or can. The proprietary textiles are rated for temperatures over 1000ºC (1832°F). Drop the appropriately-sized drum plug into the containment can, covering the battery. In the presence of high heat CellBlockEX in the plug will disperse to extinguish and cool thermal events and uptake smoke and fumes. Close the lid and monitor for heat and smoke. Do not reopen for several hours. For a best practice solution, maintain a few inches of CellBlockEX in the bottom of the can to enhance heat absorption. Components may be purchased separately or as a kit (gloves, blanket, drum plug).
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