Proven Fire Protection

CellBlockEX is primarily used as a lithium battery fire extinguisher, but its applications expand beyond this single purpose. This versatile dry fire suppressant also aids in the storage and transportation of lithium-ion batteries and electronic devices.

A fire protection concept should be tailored precisely to the specific needs and local conditions of the company or organization. Hazards during operation, production, transportation, storage, recycling or disposal are taken into account. CellBlockEX offers a solution for numerous applications, and avoids problems with regards to its extinguishing effect as a multi-functional fire extinguishing agent. Our fire extinguishing granulate offers protection for your assets, personnel, and environment. CellBlockEX is suitable for class A, B, D, and K fire loads in preventive fire protection or as an extinguishing agent.

Lithium-ion Battery Fire Alarm

All-Around Extinguishing Agent

The CellBlockEX granulate is very well suited for use in industrial facilities, production operations, data processing centers, archives, warehousing and transportation. Since it is an electrical insulator, it’s also ideal for use in the energy storage and supply sector (i.e., transformer station protection). CellBlockEX has a low dust content, tolerates frost, and is easily removable.

Lithium-ion Fires

Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Protection

The increasing demand for stored energy also results in higher fire protection requirements during production, transportation, storage, and disposal or recycling of lithium-ion batteries and cells. CellBlockEX is ideal as a dry lithium battery fire extinguisher, and is especially well suited for processes where the use of extinguishing water or foam is not possible (i.e., the aging of lithium-ion batteries).

Safer transport lithium-ion

Dangerous Goods Packaging

Transporting freight via road, air or sea – anyone shipping dangerous goods has to observe numerous regulations. Transporting damaged or defective lithium-ion batteries is problematic and special measures are required. CellBlockEX meets the fundamental requirements for fire protection filler. Accordingly, it may be used for conforming special transport containers and it exceeds DOT requirements for lithium-ion battery transport.

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention with CellBlockEX

Preventive fire protection encompasses steps taken in advance to counteract the outbreak and spread of fires, and to limit their impact as much as possible. In technical fire protection, CellBlockEX can be used as a fire suppressing material by permanently filling cavities, suspended ceilings, cable shafts, lines and pipes.

CellBlockEX Class D fire extinguisher.

CellBlockEX as a Packaging Filler

CellBlockEX fillers protect packaged goods against damage, vibration and impact. It is lightweight, binds liquids, and is environmentally friendly. For shipping hazardous liquids (i.e., laboratory chemicals, bases, acids, paint thinner, or similar) transportation in a dangerous goods unit with a non-combustible filler/binding agent to prevent leaks is prescribed. CellBlockEX offers secure fire and leak protection when used as a packing filler for transporting dangerous substances.

CellBlockEX used in conjunction with CellBlock Storage or Transport Containers

Max Fire Proof Battery Case
The CellBlock Max Case is the safest way to store large format lithium-ion batteries.

CellBlockEX used in shipping and storage containers offers fire and leak protection for the safe transport of hazardous materials. It is an ideal loose-fill fireproof outer packing, whether you’re using our Storage Cases or HazMat Drums.

  • Very good fluid retention
  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • 100% inorganic, pure glass
  • Inert, minimally reactive
  • Minimal weight (low dumping costs of contaminated materials)
  • Minimal thermal conduction
  • Sound-absorbent
  • Non-perishable
  • Bacteria and germ-free

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