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How to Safely Charge Your Tablet or Laptop

Lithium-ion batteries power so much of our lives, and smaller ones, like those in our laptops, tablets, and phones, go with us everywhere. As much of a boon as these batteries are, when they catch fire, they can also be a real threat. Most of these battery fires start during charging. Here’s how to safely charge […]

DHL’s New Guidance for Shipping Li-ion Batteries By Air

DHL has released updated guidance on best practices for shipping lithium ion batteries by air. Noting that “international commitments to achieve carbon neutrality in the coming decades depend on the electrification of our economies…”

Groundbreaking Report from UK On Micromobility Battery Safety

Electrical Safety First, “The UK’s electrical safety experts,” has just published “Battery Breakdown,” a groundbreaking report on the dangers of e-bike and e-scooter batteries. According to the non-profit, “The UK is facing a worrying spike in fires connected to lithium-ion batteries, which power e-bikes and e-scooters. Battery breakdown is our new report that looks into […]

FAA Releases Updated Lithium Battery Air Incidents Numbers

Rear view of an airplane.

The FAA recently released updated numbers detailing the number of lithium battery air incidents this year. The 37 verified incidents from January 1st through July 21st puts 2023 on pace for a similar number incidents as those recorded in 2022. Thus far 2022 was far and away the most dangerous year since records have been […]

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