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CellBlockEX is the safest solution for preventing fire and toxic smoke when you are transporting dangerous goods by land, air, or sea.

CellBlockEX is the environmentally-friendly, mineral-based extinguishing agent used for fire fighting and prevention of problematic fires loads such as metal fires, lithium-ion battery fires and combustible liquids.It is comprised of non-crystalline glass granulates; these small, lightweight spheres consist of recycled glass with tiny pores on the inside. Since the granulate is 100% mineral based, it is not combustible – and its safe for you and the environment.
CellBlockEX vs Vermiculite
How does CellBlockEX compare to other aggregates? Download our Aggregates Comparison » [/two_third_last]

CellBlockEX HazMat Drums have earned a special permit from the DOT when CellBlockEX is used as a filler.

In tests performed by Stress Engineering Group and Underwriters Laboratories, CellBlockEX halted propagation in lithium-ion battery fires.

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How CellBlockEX works:

    • Suffocation Effect Covering the fire load with CellBlockEX granulate displaces oxygen and separates it from the fuel. The fire is suffocated.
    • Cooling Effect Due to its specific thermal capacity, CellBlockEX absorbs heat energy, thereby cooling the fire. The thermal reaction is disrupted.
    • Isolation Effect Like glass, CellBlockEX melts at a high temperature. The granulates absorb heat in the form of melting energy, cooling the fire while forming an impervious layer over the fire load. A reaction with oxygen is prevented. Even difficult to control metal fires (i.e., sodium or magnesium) can be extinguished with CellBlockEX.
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      • Gas Tightness Thanks to the CellBlockEX grain shape, very dense sphere packing is achieved. The supply of oxygen is impeded by the packed bed, and the formation of combustible gases is prevented.
      • Sorbency of Liquids The special granulate mixture combined with the porous, and therefore especially large grain surface, effectively binds liquids.
      • Fire Gas Filtering Just like liquids, gases and vapors accumulate on the extremely large surface of the CellBlockEX granulate and are bound for disposal.
[/one_half_last] CellBlockEX has been extensively tested in-house and by third party laboratories including: MPA Dresden, Underwriters Laboratories, and Stress Engineering Group. It was shown to prevent propagation in Class D lithium-ion fires as well as class A, B and K fire loads. Test results available upon request. Download MSDS »[/two_third_last]
Halon and Water vs CellBlockEX
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